Tips for Building a Great Pilates Business

Pilates instructors, personal trainers and gym owners can now easily tap into the growing Pilates market by adding a Pilates program to their existing fitness business. A new technology from infra red sauna Northern Beaches enables you to relax and remove your stress from your busy schedules.

Here are some tips for building a great Pilates business:

Study the benefits of Pilates to customers. Learn how it can improve their health, lifestyle and overall quality of life.

Make sure your studio is fully equipped with necessary equipment and supplies (mats, balls, weights, bands, etc.).

Select the best location for your Pilates studio. It should be convenient for your customers. A central location with easy access to public transportation will attract more clients.

Choose a career mentor who can guide you on how to become successful in this profession.

Build a friendly rapport with your clients. Make them feel comfortable and welcome in your studio at all times. This will make them more enthusiastic about attending classes regularly. Let your clients know that you truly care about them and appreciate their business.

Building a Pilates business is not easy. As in any industry, there are plenty of other businesses competing for your clients’ time and money. To make your Pilates business a success, you have to be able to set yourself apart from other studios.

How do you do that? While there are many things you can do, one of the best ways is to use technology to help run your business so that you can focus on what really matters: your clients and their experiences.

In the mat-based Pilates method, there are six principles. In your business, you can apply these same principles to build a foundation for success:


Breathing is the cornerstone of all Pilates exercises. Breathing correctly reduces tension and increases oxygen to your muscles, allowing you to work smarter, not harder. Think about breathing in your business. Before you act on something — an email, meeting or a conflict — take a deep breath and think about how you will use it productively.


Centering allows you to stay focused and calm while working toward a goal. When you’re centered, you can gain control over how to react in situations that may otherwise be challenging. In Pilates, the powerhouse (or core) is where we draw our strength from and stabilize through any movement or action we take. It’s the same with your business — it’s important to have a strong foundation so that when challenges arise (and they will), you’ll be prepared to handle them successfully.


Concentration allows us to direct our thoughts toward something specific — like keeping your posture aligned while moving through an exercise or focusing on one thing at a time in order to achieve success in your business.

One of the most important decisions you make when starting a Pilates business is what to call it. You want a name that’s memorable and easy to spell. A name that gives your potential clients an idea of what it is you do.

As you’re thinking up a name, make sure you check with your state’s secretary of state website to ensure that no other business has the same name.

Be mindful of any trademarks or copyrights that may be associated with the name you choose. If your chosen business name happens to be the same as something trademarked or copyrighted, you will face legal challenges in the future if you start using it.