How to Fix Your Back Pain Effectively With Pilates

Most people experience some sort of back pain occasionally, and for others more on a regular basis Whatever, it is, if you experience pain or discomfort in your back, you should aim to treat it immediately. Temporary pain relief is ideal but you should not settle with it. Think about getting rid of the problem in the long term. Also be reminded that back pain, if untreated and neglected for a long time, can worsen and more difficult to treat in the long run. Pilates is truly the ultimate mind-body exercise for anyone who wants to lose weight, with that being said all you need is a good school for pilates instructor course.

If you are looking for an effective and long-lasting back pain relief treatment program, Pilates is your answer!

It is the ideal program for all. It not only relieves pain, the pilates exercises routine is easy to follow and simple to perform. What’s more, it also eliminates and corrects any problem or condition that may eventually lead to chronic low back pain. Thus, Pilates can be considered as one of the most holistic approach against back pain.

Causes of back pain

Back pain is usually caused by muscle imbalances particularly along weak areas of your spine. It can occur as a discomfort in the area near your neck, in your mid-back, or in your lower back. Some muscles along the spine can get idle, while others tend to be overused. This leads to muscle imbalance, which can be precursor to muscle spasms and tears. It can also lead to poor posture due to over compensation!

Other causes of are herniated discs and spine degeneration disorders like spinal stenosis or spinal compression. While there are specific medications that can bring about pain relief, these medicines, whether over-the-counter or prescriptive, only masks discomfort in the short term. They do not fix the problem. Aside from that, such medications can potentially become addictive or can bring about other side effects.

Research shows that back pain relief is most effective when combined with a specific Pilates exercise routine that aims to fix the problem. Pilates fundamental program is most ideal for handling all aspects of back pain problems. The exercise routines re-educates the body in proper muscle activation. It improves the range of motion of tight and weak lower back muscles, returning it to proper function. That is why Pilates pain relief program brings not only long term results; it is also permanent.

Pilates exercises for back pain relief

Pilates lower back exercises teaches you how to awaken weak stabilizers of the spine that is no longer doing its job of supporting the spinal column. Here are some examples of Pilates exercises specific to back pain relief:


-Teaches your body to understand its possible range of motion with correct method of lower back articulation. Scar tissues that are tight will start to melt away as function is restored with consistent practice. Core strength will improve as well.

2.Pelvic Bowl

-Trains specific movements of your lower back to re-orientate to function better. This is important for quick recovery. The movements aid in pain relief and strength development.

3.Neutral Spine

-Re-educate the lower back area to lengthen and stretch out. A simple and easy technique used by most doctors and physiotherapist.

Your poor posture can be a main reason for occurrence of your back pain. To prevent such a problem, you need to learn how to properly stand, sit, or walk. Correct posture can remove back strain. Pilates exercises generally promote good posture through regular training.

Pilates is suitable for all from age 7 to 70. There are many levels to the exercise methods. If you are a beginner, your program will be a basic introductory program. As you improve and get stronger, your program will progress with your needs and fitness level.

Be sure to train with the help of a pilates instructor who is certified and have experienced working with similar. And do the pilates exercises regularly if you want to help yourself manage a pain free back and live a more active and healthier lifestyle. knows exactly how to reach your weight loss journey.

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